A PT camera hack reveals Lisa is always behind you, and it's absolutely terrifying

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It's been five years since PT released, but the short demo still continues to find new ways to terrify us. When you're walking down that nightmarish hallway, it's hard to shake the feeling that someone or something is behind you, right? Well, it turns out that feeling is completely justified. Thanks to a horrifying discovery made by Lance McDonald who hacked PT's camera and shared what can be seen on Twitter, we now know that you are, in fact, always being followed. By fixing the camera in place, you're able to see that Lisa (the ghost who haunts the hall) attaches herself to your back once you get a flashlight.

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McDonald spent months trying to patch PT in order to gain manual control of the camera to show us this horrifying secret. I don't know about you, but seeing her there sends a chill up my spine. When you're walking down the hallway, it really does feel like someone is behind you thanks to the brilliant sound design and lighting. When you turn around, though, no one's there...or least that's what we thought. To know she is actually always there and it's not just a trick of the light makes it even scarier...I didn't think that was actually possible *shudders*. 

Originally released back in 2014, PT (which is short for Playable Teaser) was meant to be a short demo to reveal a now cancelled Silent Hills project set to be directed by Hideo Kojima and Gullermo del Toro. Despite the fact that it was made to tease a game that never came to be, it quickly became one of the most interesting and bone- chillingly terrifying horror games ever made. After it was removed from the PSN store, it started gaining the air of a cult classic, and while there have been attempts to recreate and re-release the experience on PC, the original demo is still highly coveted by those who didn't manage to download it back in the day. 

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