This PlayStation patent for changing controller temperature sounds like hell for your battery life

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A new Sony patent could lead to your PS5 DualSense changing temperatures to reflect gameplay, which sounds like hell for the controller's battery.

As Exputer reports, Sony has published a new trademark filing relating to the materials used for its controllers. The patent would, in short, improve the DualSense controller's haptic feedback by allowing it to emulate in-game temperatures directly to your hands.

If this patent is applied to Sony hardware, a hot in-game environment like a volcano could mean the DualSense controller becomes hot to the touch - because the worst thing about Tomb Raider was when Lara grabbed some lava rocks and my hands didn't disintegrate. 

Sony has, unfortunately, also talked up the use of utilizing AI technology to improve the patent's application in controllers. There are few details on how the AI would be used on the controller, but Sony wants to use it to smooth out the entire process and implementation.

This is one of Sony's weirder patents, but there's still nothing to guarantee this comes to pass. A patent being filed and subsequently published doesn't mean the holder intends to act on the patent in any way - Sony could just be reserving this technology for if they decide to use it further down the road.

Back in early 2021, for example, Sony patented a system to allow for haptic feedback via game streams. Over two years removed from that initial patent filing being approved, there's still no indication of this tech being used, so don't expect your DualSense to start changing temperature anytime soon.

This all sounds like absolute hell for the DualSense controller's batteries. The PS5 controller already has an infamously bad battery system, hence why players weren't pleased when Sony revealed the new, more expensive DualSense Edge controller would have an even worse battery life to compensate for added features. Your controller changing temperature could mean even worse things for the DualSense's battery life.

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