This Nintendo Switch VR patent filing looks like Labo VR 2.0

Nintendo took a stab at VR with the oft-ignored Nintendo Labo VR kit, and now it looks like they're experimenting with new designs and technology in that same field. A new patent filing found by LetsGoDigital (via VRfocus) shows a new VR headset with a small compartment for attaching the Switch, sort of like, well, Labo VR. Moreso, the images demonstrate a user holding the whole assembly up to their face, because also like Labo VR, this thing doesn't look like it has a strap. Oof.

Before we get ahead of our skies, let's remember that patent filings are far from reliable indicators of how a product will look, feel, and perform. If this design manages to enter production, which is highly questionable, it's unlikely to emerge looking exactly like what's seen in this patent filing. Still, it's hard not to question the decision not to immediately attach a strap to the design - virtually no one prefers playing games holding the console up to their face the whole time. There are even third-party straps for Labo VR to rectify this issue.

Regardless, Nintendo has some explaining to do on multiple fronts. First there was that bonkers fitness thing for the Switch, then this week's hinged Joy-Con patent, and now this. Truth be told, the idea of a competent VR experience on Switch is super exciting - imagine gliding over Breath of the Wild's gorgeous environments without the visual distortion of Labo VR, and with a good strap to free up your arms for dropping bombs on Bokoblin camps.

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Jordan Gerblick

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