Nintendo files patent for bendable, hinged Joy-Con controllers

(Image credit: Nintendo)

While the upcoming release of the Nintendo Switch Lite might be saying goodbye to the console's detachable Joy-Con controllers, don't think that Nintendo isn't still developing new ways to make the accessories more intuitive and ergonomic than ever. 

A new patent filed by the video game company, as spotted by Nintendo Life, reveals that a new variant of the Switch's controllers are in the works, this time with a hinged peak that supposedly allows for a more comfortable handheld experience. 

As you can see from the accompanying images filed alongside Nintendo's patent, which is available to view publicly online, these hinged Joy-Cons look like they're able to bend in and out of shape at will, allowing users to select which playing style they prefer, depending on the type of experience they're enjoying.

It's possible that Nintendo is developing these Joy-Cons for the rumoured Pro version of the Switch console that's said to be on the way, or perhaps the mystery new fitness experience for the platform may indeed require more pliable controllers for the optimal motion-controlled experience. 

Either that, or Nintendo is simply looking to roll out a new model of its controllers, especially as a way to fix the notorious Nintendo Switch Joy-Con drift problem that current versions of the accessories are plagued with. It's unclear when the company intends to officially announced the new hardware, but we'll keep you updated as soon as we learn anything more.  

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Alex Avard

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