This new musical RPG has a star-studded cast from The Last of Us, Dragon Age, and beyond

Stray Gods: A Roleplaying Musical cast
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Dragon Age's lead writer has compiled a belter of a cast for Stray Gods: A Musical RPG, featuring voices from some of the best-loved titles in the industry and even some from Broadway legend.

No, this isn't Hades the musical. Written by Dragon Age lead David Gaider, Stray Gods is an upcoming PC-only RPG that shows cel-shaded faces from Greek mythology as you've never seen them before: living among us, and singing their deific hearts out. You can wishlist it now on Steam, and you'll definitely want to do that once you hear who's made the cast list.

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The star-studded roster was posted on Twitter by Apex Legends' Erika Ishii, who herself voices Hermes in Stray Gods. From it we can see Dragon Age: Inquisition alum Allegra Clarke on board as Hecate, the god of spells and magic, and she's joined by the one and only Felicia Day. You might recognize her from the Dragon Age web series, her time as a presenter on Critical Role, and even as Charlie from The CW's long-running show Supernatural.

Stray Gods also reunites many of the faces and voices behind The Last of Us Part 1 and The Last of Us Part 2. Merle Dandridge – Marlene in The Last of Us games and the HBO series – will voice goddess of love Aphrodite, and Ashley Johnson leaves behind Ellie to step into the shoes of poetic muse Calliope. She'll once again be playing alongside Troy Baker, who voiced her pseudo-father figure Joel in The Last of Us, but will here be playing the mighty god Apollo. 

Finally, BAFTA-winning Laura Bailey takes center stage as Stray Gods' heroine, Grace – but you'll know her as Abby Anderson in The Last of Us Part 2, dhampir Rayne from the BloodRayne series, or Kira Carson from Star Wars: The Old Republic.

The list wouldn't be complete without a few notable mentions from beyond the games world. Orpheus is voiced by musical theatre titan Anthony Rapp, who originated the role of Mark in the cast of RENT on Broadway and in the film adaptation, and Lauren 'Lolo' Spencer, who you might have seen in HBO drama The Sex Lives of College Girls, will play Venus.

Round it out with Silent Hill's very own Mary-Elizabeth McGlynn voicing Persephone, Overwatch 2's Anjali Bhimani as snake-headed Medusa, and the Batman Arkham games' Kimberly Brooks as the Oracle, and you have a cast list worthy of the gods they portray. An RPG with a complex musical theatre-style score sounds tough to pull off, but with all this talent to guide it, we can expect something special when Stray Gods launches on August 3.

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