This free-to-play war game is responsible for so many leaked military secrets that it's now reportedly considered an official risk on background checks

A tank sits ominously in the foreground, as an enemy tank smolder in the background
(Image credit: Gaijin Entertainment)

Free-to-play military sim War Thunder is responsible for so many leaked military secrets that playing it is reportedly considered risky behaviour when it comes to background checks.

This revelation, shared on Twitter by Matt, Dad Hat Enthusiast, was initially posted on the War Thunder subreddit by user Nafuwu. The user explains that after a friend of theirs got a job at a defence company, they received a call from an individual doing a background check. After answering some routine questions like "would he overthrow the government", Nafuwu says they were then asked, "does he play War Thunder?" 

So there you have it; War Thunder is now apparently a risk to national security. But will this stop players from sharing secret info? Probably not.

Last week, a War Thunder player shared classified military intelligence documents about the F-16 fighter jet on War Thunder forums to win an argument no less. But they didn't stop there; oh no, just a day later, on January 18, they did the same thing. This classified intel concerned the F-15 Strike Eagle fighter jet and again was shared simply to settle a dispute.

This isn't the first time it's happened, either. The leaks began in July 2021 when a War Thunder player shared classified documents about the Challenger 2 tank in an effort to convince developer Gaijin Entertainment to redesign the tank in-game. More secret documents emerged in October 2021 and again multiple times in 2022. 

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