For the second time this week, fans of this war game have leaked classified military info to win arguments

A tank sits ominously in the foreground, as an enemy tank smolder in the background
(Image credit: Gaijin Entertainment)

For the second time this week, a War Thunder player has leaked classified military intelligence documents to win an argument on a forum.

As handily chronicled on a ResetEra (opens in new tab) thread (where everyone is just as bemused as you and I), a War Thunder player leaked classified military information yesterday on January 17. The user in question somehow thought it'd be a good idea to post classified intel about the F-16 fighter jet on the War Thunder forums to win an argument.

If you love military leaks, then you're in for a real treat, because earlier today on January 18, the same thing happened all over again. Not content with leaking military information once, the same user has leaked intel about the F-15 Strike Eagle fighter jet. Yes, if you were wondering, this feat was again performed to win an argument on the War Thunder forums.

Who would've thought the War Thunder forums would ever become a national security threat? This is, if you can believe it, the fourteenth time classified military documents have been posted on the War Thunder forums, each time in a valiant (?) effort to win an argument on the internet. Right now though, all said leaks have been deleted, likely by the War Thunder forum moderators.

Whoever this one user is, they've got some explaining to do if they're ever found out to be the one leaking the information. Then again, they probably should've considered that before leaking classified military information on the internet to win an argument over a video game.

Considering the developers behind War Thunder previously disabled in-game chat to prevent "political discussions," it's a wonder they haven't disabled their entire online forums by now. 

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