This Elden Ring player's goldfish just beat Malenia, seriously

Elden Ring
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If you thought playing Elden Ring was hard, try playing it with fins and scales - just like Tortellini the goldfish does.

Let us explain, Twitch streamer and YouTuber PointCrow is in the process of training their goldfish, called Tortellini, to play Elden Ring, and it's going surprisingly well. Tortellini's journey began just a few short days ago and, as you can see from the clip below, it hasn't taken the little guy long to master the FromSoftware title - so much so that Tortellini was able to beat Malenia's first phase with little to no effort. 

It's hard to explain how Tortellini is able to perform such accurate moves in Elden Ring, but PointCrow did explain it a little in one of their recent streams. "Depending on where Tortellini is in the tank, he'll press a button on a controller which will control Elden Ring," Tortellini's owner explains. Simple enough, right? Well, it's apparently taken a lot of tries to get Tortellini hooked up to the game, but finally, it seems to be working fairly well. 

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That doesn't mean it's been a completely laid-back experience though, as you can tell from the video above, Tortellini likes to keep PointCrow and their audience on the edge of their seats when taking on Elden Ring's bosses. Unlike a dog or a cat, fish aren't exactly responsive to human commands and Tortellini probably has no idea what's being asked of him when he's hooked up to the game. This means there's a lot of backseat gaming from PointCrow and a lot of tense moments during Tortellini's playthrough. 

Let this be a warning though, letting your pet fish take the wheel whilst gaming has had disastrous consequences in the past. Let's not forget the Pokemon fan's pet fish that committed credit card fraud whilst playing Scarlet and Violet. Yeah, you read that right. Similar to Tortellini, the Pokemon playing fish swims across various buttons which are mapped to the game but on this occasion, they accidentally ended up on the Nintendo eShop. Suuuuuure, it was an "accident."

If you thought this was wild, check out the Elden Ring player using only brainwaves to beat Malenia.  

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