This custom Xbox One S somehow ruins both Xbox and cars at the same time

The Xbox One S and Audi R8: two great designs that don't look so great together. Xbox's official German Facebook page is doing a special giveaway in honor of Forza Horizon 3, and the grand prizes are three custom-made consoles modeled after the sports car's distinct front end. But for some reason it just makes me think of that awful dismembered torso prop Deep Silver made for Dead Island: Riptide...

The console's standard boxy form is still evident enough to keep this strange chimera from looking any kind of aerodynamic. But it's also just curvy and gimmicky enough (a grill cut-out for the disc drive, really) to keep it from ever looking remotely practical. I quite like the blocky, unapologetically electronics-y design of the regular Xbox One S and this is particularly gawky by comparison.

The consoles also come with customized controllers covered with leather - or something that looks like leather - mimicking a steering wheel and adding some bulk. You won't have much luck signing up for the contest outside of Germany, but that's probably for the best. Thanks for taking one for the team, German Xbox fans.

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Connor Sheridan

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