This amazing $14 indie bundle has it all: Metroidvanias, roguelikes, and a surprisingly scary open-world game

Void Bastards
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Look, I know you're probably grappling with a typical decade's worth of great games contained in a single year, with behemoths like Marvel's Spider-Man 2 and Assassin's Creed Mirage waiting to prey on what remains of your free time, but there's a $14 bundle of fantastic indie games I really need to tell you about.

Humble's latest indie bundle is a smorgasbord of 10 acclaimed indies from a wide variety of genres. Starting with the ones I can personally vouch for, The Wild at Heart is a delightful open-world adventure with Pikmin-like creatures that help you solve clever puzzles and unlock new areas of the map. At night, things take a dark turn both literally and figuratively, and I remembered being surprised how scary the game gets when I wrote about it a couple years back.

It's a little weird how this is structured, but buying the bundle also gets you a coupon to get the excellent survival horror game Signalis for 25% off its normal price, which is a budget-friendly excuse to get yourself acquainted with one of the best horror games of last year.

I'd argue I've already done enough to sell you on this incredibly value-packed pack of games, but here's everything else included:

  • Moonscars, a gorgeous Metroidvania known for its brutal difficulty
  • Dodgeball Academia, a team-based dodgeball game and an RPG mixed together
  • Unsighted, a top-down Metroidvania with Souslike elements
  • Archvale, a bullet hell roguelite with a focus on equipment crafting and exploration
  • Flynn, Son of Crimson, a 2D action-platformer inspired by "the golden age of the SNES"
  • Void Bastards, a strategic roguelike FPS inspird by BioShock and System Shock 2
  • Ring of Pain, a card-based dungeon-crawler 
  • Ikenfell, an RPG we described as "a cross between Harry Potter and Final Fantasy"
  • Fae Tactics, a tactical RPG often compared to Final Fantasy: Tactics

Literally all of the above games are generally well-received, so if there's even a few you're intrigued by, the $14 you'd spend on the bundle would likely be money well spent. It's worth noting that you can spend as little as $5 and only get Ring of Pain, Ikenfell, and Fae Tactics, or $10 if you want to add on Unsighted, Archvale, Flynn: Son of Crimson, and Void Bastards. The 25%-off Signalis coupon comes with all tiers of the bundle.

Looking ahead, here's a full list of the upcoming indie games we're most excited about.

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