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101 things we want added to Star Wars: The Old Republic

34. Massive guild cruisers that act like guild housing.


36. Krayt Dragon world boss on Tatooine. Like, seriously, should we even need to ask for this?

Above: That's the current world boss for Tatooine, for some unknown reason

37. The option to toggle Companion headgear on/off. Kissing our companions with their headgear on just looked silly.

38. Story missions that we can take our entire team on, like the last mission in Mass Effect 2. There are a few in the game, but there should be many more.

39. Let us talk more with our companions after we max out their affection. After we hit cap, they just... stopped talking to us. Did we say something wrong?

40. More companion missions. Let’s hear their stories now that ours are done.

41. More missions involving lifting things with the force, because lifting things with the Force is awesome

42. More NPC cliff dives from Jedi Mind Tricks. That should be a potential outcome of every single mission.

43. Better UI customization. Better than that. No, better.

44. Racing with friends like in Knights of the Old Republic.

45. Changing lightsaber stances (Warrior/Guardian) should make the static standing animation different.

46. Playable, fully-animated Holochess.

Above: Pazaak was in Knights of the Old Republic, so it obviously exists in the world

47. Dejarik, Pazaak, and other silly Star Wars card games.

48. Oh, and Sabacc. We can't forget about Sabacc.

49. Gambling in the casinos. There’s a casino planet without a single form of gambling. OBJECTION.

50. When traveling to other planets, the phrase "punch it" should be said by a companion character just before activating the hyperdrive. Every single time.

51. The ability to learn secondary weapon proficiencies. Guardians and Warriors should be able to use double-bladed lightsabers, and Troopers and Agents should be able to use blaster pistols (at a cost)

52. Playable instruments. The Star Wars world is full of them, so why can’t we toot on a horn, too?

53. Lightsaber dismemberment. What? Oh, it’s not an M-rated game? Fine.

54. Lightsaber dismemberment for droids, then, Johnny Buzzkill.

55. Shared banks with the Legacy system to let us share between our characters.

56. Shared crafting on each server. If we don’t want to learn a new craft on an alt we should be able to just use our other character’s companions to craft with.

Above: We should be able to send Khem to whoever we want

57. Shareable companions with the Legacy system.

58. More lightsaber crystal types – unstable, swirly, rainbow, whatever. Maybe one that turns it into skittles.

59. Mail sent to friends should be displayed on the screen with the scrolling text from the beginning on Star Wars movies.

60. Something like Rifts’ rifts – maybe downed ships that we can activate a distress beacon on to spawn dynamic content.

61. More dynamic content in general.

61. Large, open events on the later planets, like Rift’s invasions.

63. Better protection in cities and at spawn points in cities from enemy faction attacks. Even on PvP servers, people need to be able to spawn.

64. We should be able to deactivate our ship robot.

Above: We want to deactivate the crap out of him

65. Cosmetic items that cover up armor, like robes or cloaks or cosmetic capes.

66. The ability to recolor or dye outfits and armor.