101 things we want added to Star Wars: The Old Republic

67. Multi-person mounts. It’s never too early to go green, you guys.

68. Mounted combat! Wasn’t the entire battle of Hoth just one giant mounted-combat PvP battle?

69. Better dances, with each race’s sex getting their own. No, we don’t know what the dances should be.

70. Alright, we know one: Cyborgs should do the robot.

Above: So many choices... why make us actually choose?

71. Multiple skill builds to switch between. Making alts is cool, but not making alts of the same class. Let us have two or three different builds so we can experience different takes on the same class without needing to completely respec.

72. Capture the Hutt Flag.

73. King of the Hutt Hill.

74. Team Huttmatch.

75. A PvP mode that’s essentially Defense of the Ancients. So, Dehutt of the Huttcients or whatever.

76. Huttball uniforms. In real life, not just in the game. Like, we want to order one from Amazon.

77. PvP Hutt Arena for 1v1, 2v2, and 3v3 team fights.

78. Professional Huttball teams.

79. Huttball-specific titles. Like Professional Huttball player or Huttball fan.

Above: We're fans of Huttball, by the way

80. A new class: Huttball player. It should be an entire class based around Huttball.

81. Voting for MVP should show up somewhere, in some way. Right now it’s hard to know if you’ve won or not.

82. Being able to view and select the target of your target. This was amazing in Rift, and makes healing much easier.

83. We should be able to dismember our ship robot.

84. Holiday events! Sure, it just launched, but that doesn't mean we should be able to celebrate different real-world holidays inside of the game.

85. Automatic matchmaking for Flashpoints. Just about every other MMO has this and it always makes things easier.

86. A better looking-for-group system. Someone at BioWare should just load up Dungeons & Dragons Online and steal theirs.

87. Allow players to convert their leftover commendations into Warzone badges so that they don’t just… sit there.

88. Achievements! Person Achievements, Guild Achievements. All of the Achievements!

Above: Learn more about the speeders and you'll see why we want them improved

89. A speed boost feature for rank 3 mounts.

90. Customizable mounts with item slots.

91. “Last logged in xxxx” indicator for guilds and friends. We want the AWOL scum out of our guilds, because…

92. Guild quests and guild perks. A weekly “Win 100 Warzones” or “Kill 2000 droids” mission that everyone in the guild helps out with would be swell.

93. Larger guild cap for popular guilds. Like ours. We’re totally popular.

94. More PvP zones that work better, with more capturable bases.

95. Add Ons, for those of us who like to customize things even more.

96. More corruption features. We want a new arm when we dabble in the Dark Side.

Above: He doesn't look evil enough yet

97. Light Side corruption for Sith of some kind. Maybe a glow, or bright blue eyes, or a tail or whatever.

98. Server transfer option for our friends who were lame and didn’t feel like waiting in a three-hour queue to play with us.

99. Bigger body types. We want a Hutt-sized Sith carebear...that shoots lightning.

100. Smaller body types. Like Yoda.

101. The ability to play Star Wars: Galaxies from our ship. The entire game. Please. Before the crappy update. Thanks.

Lorenzo Veloria

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