Thief City Hub Collectibles guide

South Quarter 

1: Flowers Eternal: Iris Brooch
When you enter the south quarter, walk south a few steps and you will see wooden sign that say Glimmer Lane to the right. Enter the alley and look up to see an opening with a wooden beam you can attach a rope arrow to. Fire one up and then enter the window there. Go forward into the apartment and in the right doorway will be a guard. Knock him out and then open the broken cabinet there. Smash the vase inside it to reveal a button behind where it was. Press it and a small opening will appear at the far end of the room with the brooch and some dead rats. 

2: The Court of Montonessi: Rutting out of Season
Go south and west to the Riverside Rooftops by hopping over the railing where the crossbowman patrols and go right. Go through the window there and continue west as you drop down. Climb up the shelves on the right and cross the beam to the window above. Enter the apartment and go down the stairs to the bathroom on the left. You can grab the painting on the right side wall.

3: Flowers Eternal: Sunflower Brooch
When you leave the apartment from the previous loot, drop to the lower level immediately and make a right. Walk towards the waterfall and make another right to see a gate. Pull the lever on the left wall to open it and go through. Immediately after going through, turn to the right and you will come to the marker for Erin’s Mill. Ignore it and hop over the railing to the left. Go to the bottom and there will be the brooch on the ground next to a poppy flower.

4: Pinned Castinet: Oilbox
Head to the open area here and deal with the guards and the two dogs. Walk into the middle passage behind the big wheel and hop over the table that has a door behind it. Use focus and you will be able to see and button there on the right side. Press it and then pick the safe lock and press another button that opens a door to the left. Head down the stairs and then jump over the bar on the right to find the butterfly there. Also be sure to grab the focus point that is to the left.

5: Mortal Coils: Wellpool Viper Bracelet
Make your way to the Fish-Hawker’s Market and look for the South Quarter Post Office sign. Shoot a rope arrow to the beam directly above and then hop over to the platform. Enter the open window and in front of you on the right side will be a table that has a button you can press. Do so and then climb the cabinet to get into the newly opened ceiling. Pick the door on the right and then pop open the chest to find the coil inside.

6: City Heritage Plaque: Carlysle's Mill
Located in South Quarter/Riverside, in Eel’s End just north of the mill where Erin called HQ. Just before you enter it, you can find it on the wall to the left around the corner.

7: The Court of Montonessi: Living a Lie
South of Oxheart Perry’s pawn shop, climb the rope there and hop onto the platform above, enter the window there and enter the room on the left to find the painting on the wall.

8: City Heritage Plaque: Customs House Bridge
At the very south of the south quarter district, to the east there will be a large bridge with this plate on the corner to the left of a crawlspace.

9: City Heritage Plaque: The Siren’s Rest
In the South Quarter, go to the far south, and when you reach the Siren’s Rest, look on the north west corner of the building to find this plaque.

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