Thief City Hub Collectibles guide

Stone Market 

1: City Heritage Plaque: Our Lady of the Iron Litany Chapel
Once you meet the Queen of the Beggars for the first time, on your way out of the chapel, look on the right of the doorway.

2: The Court of Montonessi: The Insatiable Appetite
Pick the lock at Leatherwoods Furniture and follow the hallway around to the left. Crawl through the vent behind the barrels and in the next room press the button on the next barrel. Drop down the ledge that is now open and steal the painting of the impressive goat.

3: City Heritage Plaque: Stone Market First Bank
At the iron gates here, you can grab the plaque off the wall to the right off them.

4: Mortal Coils: Harlequin Bracelet
Walk up the alley towards the Mourningside sign and climb up on the crate the left of it. Once up, go left to the window and hop into Archie Maxwell’s house. Go down the stairs and go through the door to the right. Once in the basement, go through the 2 vent covers to come out to a lit room. In here you will need to fire 4 blunt arrows at the top of the four pillars in the room. Once done, the floor will open and you will need to shoot a rope arrow above the opening to slide down. Once down, go to the left and on top of the coffin will be the bracelet.

5: Flowers Eternal: Hydrangea Brooch
When you go north from the west side of the Crippled Burrick, next to Reynard’s Coffeehouse, there will be a beam above you can hit with a rope arrow. Climb up it and then enter the window there. Follow the hallway around to the right and grab the brooch off the table in the next room.

6: City Heritage Plaque: Archibauld Northcrest’s Obelisk
In the front of the City Watch Station, you can find this plaque on the front of the pillar there.

7: City Heritage Plaque: The Crippled Burrick Tavern
On the southwest corner of the Tavern, just across from the clock tower you can find this plaque there.

8: City Heritage Plaque: Stone Market Clock Tower
At the street level of the clock tower, you can find this plaque on the southeast side.

9: The Court of Montonessi: The Dangers of Seduction
South of the clocktower a block to the southeast, you can fire a rope arrow up to a beam above. Climb up and walk along the platform to the right a few steps. Enter the window there and the painting will be on the wall to the right.

10: Mortal Coils: Marsh Adder Bracelet
This window entrance can be found just south and east of the clock tower. Climb up the ladder to the east side of the “Smoking Silverman” building and then go south a few steps. Hop across the beam the leads to the window pictured above on the left side (on the west side) and enter. Go through the kitchen, through the doorway on the left. In the room here there will be a painting on the far wall. Remove it and inside the safe will be the bracelet.

11: City Heritage Plaque: Barnabus Northcrest’s Obelisk
On the west side of Baron’s Way South near the middle, pick the lock to enter Crowley and Sons and take the stairs down on the left side. Once in the basement this plaque will be on the left side.

12: Flowers Eternal: Lilac Brooch
In the southeast corner of the stone market, on Baron’s Way South, you can find this brooch in top of a crate to the east side.

13: City Heritage Plaque: Obediah Northcrest’s Obelisk
Just a few steps north of the large gate that leads to South Baron Way, there will be an opening on the west side that has a bunch of statues inside it. Walk down the stairs to enter and look for the plaque on the centre pillar.

14: City Heritage Plaque: Ulysses Northcrest’s Obelisk
Head directly east of the previous plaque location to Moorsditch and you will find another obelisk to the north there with a plaque on the front of it.

15: The Court of Montonessi: The Arrogance of Nobility
Head a few steps east of the previous plaque and then look up to see the wooden beams above. Fire a rope arrow to them and climb up to the window there between the buildings. Once inside, hop up on the table to the right and take the painting.

16: Pinned Castinet: Dawn Gauzy
When you enter Grandmauden, you’ll need to have two rope arrows here. Go up the stairs and fire one at the beam above and to the left and then another up inside the building in front of you across from the stairs. Climb up the rope that you shot into the building and once inside get to the window and hop out. Now go to the other rope and jump to the left inside the open window. To the left of the room will be the loot.

17: Pinned Castinet: Ghost-Girl
From the store that’s hidden behind boxes in Grandmaulden/Muddler’s Row, go south and climb the ladder there. Once you reach the roof, turn and go through the vent that you need to open and then push the switch next to the window. Once the gate opens that covers it, shoot another rope arrow up above and then jump on it. Climb down a few feet and jump into the open window there. On the right side will be the flower pin.

18: Unique Loot: Golden Keep
For this loot, I’m sure you have been wondering how to get it for a long while. Well, here it is. There were three City Plaques on obelisks that you removed that had switches behind them. These you will need to press in a certain order to open the glass case in Ector's shop. The order to press them is Obediah Northcrest's, then north to Archibauld Northcrest's obelisk in front of the City Watch Station. Finally return south and west to Ulysses Northcrest's obelisk. Once all three are pressed, return to Ector’s shop and the Gold Keep statue that was in the glass case is now yours.

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