"There’s no other superhero movie like this" – The first Shazam! reactions are in

shazam reactions

Say hello to Captain Marvel. No, not that Captain Marvel. Look, it’s confusing, but one of the latest DC Extended Universe movies, Shazam, once went by that name too. He may even stand shoulder-to-shoulder with his MCU mirror, too, if these Shazam reactions are anything to go by.

The first impressions embargo is up, and we’ve collected the best opinions from those who have had the chance to watch it. Yes, the movie isn’t out for another month – but it appears DC is confident enough to show it off early and get some hype going.

The greatest DC movie ever?

That’s what some are saying. Sure, we’ve got pedantic people who are adamant that this is only the best DCEU movie, and not topping The Dark Knight anytime soon, but both Wonder Woman and Aquaman were great fun. If Shazam is reaching that sort of level, then DC is finally heading back on the right track.

A Big influence

If you haven’t been swotting up on your Shazam then the character’s origins might have passed you by. Billy Batson is a 14-year-old kid who stumbles upon an ancient mystic who bestows upon him the power ever teenager would love to have: the ability to turn into a superhero at will, complete with adult body. Of course, people are getting Big vibes from that, which is no bad thing – and definitely a different source for a superhero movie to mine.

The best of the rest

You might not have had high hopes for Shazam. That’s fine. But with the whirlwind of praise it’s getting, as you can see below, you might want to start circling April 5 on your calendars.

Maybe it's time to start adding Shazam to your personal list of upcoming movies that you simply can't wait for?

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