There's a newer, lighter PS5 model available in one country only right now

(Image credit: Sony)

There's a newer, lighter PS5 on sale in Australia, according to Press Start. The Australian site reports that the CFI-1200 model, first listed by Japanese retailers, is currently available for purchase in stores. 

Both disc and disc-less PS5 models are lighter than their original counterparts, with the new digital PS5 weighing a little over 5lbs and the new disc version weighing about 8.5lbs. That means that the new model of the PS5 weighs about a pound and a half less than the original (which was just shy of 10lbs) and less than the digital PS5 did at launch (which weighed about 8.6lbs). 

While it's not clear what Sony has done to make the new versions of the PS5 lighter, it's likely something to do with what's going on under the hood. Perhaps a certain part was made lighter, like last year's heat sink swap which decreased the weight a little bit. 

Australia may be the first country to get the newest PS5 models, but it's also one of the countries facing the PS5 price increase. Just a few days ago Sony revealed the price of the PS5 would go up in Australia, the United Kingdom, Japan, Mexico, China, and Canada because of the current  "global economic environment, including high inflation rates." In the UK, the standard PS5 now costs £479.99 while the digital version is now £389.99. In Canada, the standard PS5 is now CAD $649.99 while the digital is CAD $519.99, in Australia, it's AUD $799.95 and AUD $649.95 respectively.

There's no word yet on when the newer, lighter PS5 will be available in other countries, but we'll keep you updated accordingly.

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