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There's a "native" PSOne emulator sitting in the Medievil remaster

(Image credit: Sony Interactive Entertainment)

Hackers have reportedly found a "native" PSOne emulator hidden in the game files for last year's remaster of one of the system's most fondly remembered games, Medievil.

The emulator - which was reportedly discovered when a new firmware update inadvertently permitted modders to have a nose in the back end of the 2019 remaster - was initially included to enable fans to unlock the original PSOne version of the game once they'd completed all the lost soul challenges. 

Since the discovery, savvy fans like modder Lance McDonald have since been able to play other PSOne classics on the PS4 – some more successfully than others – including Wipeout 3, Spyro the Dragon, and Silent Hill. As VGC opines, it's likely this "official" emulator is used by Sony to enable its classic titles to run on its current-gen technology, including the unlockable Medievil game. 

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ICYMI, PlayStation is apparently increasing PS5 production twofold in response to high demand and COVID-19.

Sony reportedly planned to produce 5 million to 6 million PS5 units before March 2021, but is now boosting its production rate in recognition of a greater appetite for the next-gen console across its global markets.

As Alex reported at the time, the tech giant now aims to churn out 10 million units of its next-gen console this year, though logistics and the current situation surrounding COVID-19 may disrupt those plans as we edge closer to the PS5's Holiday 2020 release date. For reference, the PS4 had sold 5.3 million units within the first six months of its launch.

Here are all the upcoming PS5 games that we know of. 

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