Sony aims to ship 10 million PS5 units this year, twice as much as it originally planned to

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PlayStation is apparently increasing PS5 (opens in new tab) production twofold in response to high demand and COVID-19.

According to new reports from Bloomberg (opens in new tab) and Nikkei (opens in new tab), Sony originally planned to produce 5 million to 6 million PS5 units before March 2021, but has recognised a greater appetite for the next-gen console across its global markets, and is boosting its production rate accordingly.  

The tech giant now aims to churn out 10 million units of its next gen console this year, though logistics and the current situation surrounding COVID-19 may disrupt those plans as we edge closer to the PS5's Holiday 2020 release date. For reference, the PS4 had sold 5.3 million units within the first six months of its launch. 

The pandemic, which has forced millions to stay at home amidst lockdown measures around the world, has seen a surge in appetite for video games, which apparently is why Sony is now dealing with a higher demand than it expected for the PS5. We can't wait for those PS5 pre-orders (opens in new tab) to start.

As for PlayStation's competitor, Microsoft, an Xbox Series X showcase is scheduled for July 23 next week, when the company is anticipated to reveal more about the Xbox Series X price (opens in new tab), release date, and launch titles. You can stay tuned to GamesRadar for all the latest next-gen news as soon as it arrives.

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