There will be a new Heathers...

We've been hearing for ages about how there might be a sequel to 1989 cult comedy drama Heathers, but nothing has actually come from it.

Now, however it looks like the efforts of those trying to get the story of Veronica, JD and co back on the screen are aiming a little... smaller.

Fox and Sony's TV arms have hired writer/producers Mark Rizzo and Jenny Bicks to start figuring out how to turn the dark comedy indie into a series.

There's no solid word on how they'll pull it off, but apparently all the main characters from the movie will be present and correct. Though we've got to assume Christian Slater's JD won't actually be dead (though that would be an interesting twist...)

Lakeshore Entertainment, which has the rights, has been trying to get something - a sequel, a remake, whatever - up and running for a while, but has now decided that a movie might not be the way to go.

Can the film's blackly funny tone translate to TV? If it makes it past the pilot stage, we'll find out...

[Source: Variety ]

Do you think it would work? Speak your mind...

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