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There's NOTHING you can't say with a Star Wars GIF

Star Wars is a legendary movie series, obviously. Especially since Ep7 wiped away the bad memories of the prequels. What prequels? As such, it's of huge cultural significance. Star Wars imagery, words and memes have become part of every day life. Honestly, trust me: if there's something you want to say, you can say it with Star Wars. Look...

When someone who doesn't do your job tells you how to do your job. 

As a friend leaves the bar after a late night their SO didn’t know about.

Every time Trump says anything ever. 

That mid-season moment you know for sure your favourite character is going to die. 

The day Starbucks gets your name right on the cup.

Blue Monday plate deal at YO!

When your partner asks for an opinion on their outfit before you’ve had a chance to think about it.

Hitting the bar on a Friday after skipping lunch and eating nothing but half a bag of warm Haribo. 

Someone DMs to say they can’t make it out and you’re already there. 

When someone says they actually quite liked Batman Vs Superman.

Finding that half finished coffee you definitely weren’t going to leave behind the monitor last week...

When Netflix takes away your proxy at 9.45pm on a Saturday night. 

Checking Kanye’s twitter feed.

When someone steals your jokes on twitter

Got anymore? Leave them in the comments and maybe we'll add them in.

Leon Hurley
Senior Guides Co-ordinator

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