"There is no way out of this." New The Walking Dead trailer shows Negan closing in on Alexandria

Fresh off an episode that saw Negan continue his nasty ways, The Walking Dead shows no signs of slowing down in the promo trailer for next week’s episode, titled ‘Service’.

The short trailer focuses on Negan finally arriving at the gates of Alexandria. And Rick’s silent response says it all: he is no longer in control of his people; he has failed them. This changing dynamic of The Walking Dead continues with Rick proclaiming, “There is no way out of this.” Rick isn’t looking for a fight (at least, not yet).

It’s weird to see Rick like this, but we’re really enjoying the shift in roles. Rick and the group killed, y’know, about a billion Saviors last season. It’s about time Negan got his revenge. For Negan, revenge is a dish best served prolonged and bloody, with a side of Lucille. The barbed-wire bat makes an appearance in the trailer, too, ominously resting on a table with Rick’s arm teasingly inching closer towards it. Will Rick give Negan a taste of his own medicine?

The main takeaway from the trailer is that Negan is in control of everything. He stands over Rick, who isn’t just defeated, he’s terrified. We’ve seen Rick come back from similar situations before but the home runs hits to the heads of Abraham and Glenn have broken him. We’ve only got a week to wait to see what sort of pain Negan will inflict when he rolls into Alexandria- but please, please, please, no more deaths. Our hearts can’t take it.

The Walking Dead season 7 airs every Sunday at 9pm on AMC in the US, and every Monday at 9pm on Fox UK in the UK. 

Bradley Russell

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