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There are now 300,000 iPhone apps... mind blown much?

Imagine you walked into a GameStop and every game was sitting on one shelf, and that shelf was 3,500 feet long. That's kind of like what Apple's App Store has become - more than 300,000 apps have been created for the iPhone, iPod Touch, and iPad.

The latest numbers fromMobiclixplace the App Store as having 207,063 premium apps (apps that cost money), and 94,177 free apps. Around 55,000 of them are currently inactive, but were available on the App Store at some point. 301,240 total apps have been made available on the digital platform.

Above: App overload - is there an app for that?

So how many of these apps have been games? 16.6% of them, or just over 50,000 in total. That accounts for the second most popular app category, surpassed only barely by books.

All five of the top five premium apps were games. The top two? You guessed it - the runaway hits from publisher Chillingo, Angry Birdsand newcomer Cut the Rope.

And yet, Google's Android Market - which promises free and inclusive access to any developer that wants in - hasn't even broken 100,000 apps yet. And Android's gaming presence is even more lackadaisical (though that's starting to change). Unlike the iPhone App Store, the majority of Android apps are free, little creations from indie developers.

[Source:Venture Beat]

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