Microsoft: Angry Birds coming to Windows Phone 7; Angry Birds developer: lolwut?

Angry Birds is one of the most popular iPhone games to date. So when an Angry Birds teaser popped up on Microsoft's Windows Phone 7 website it showed good prospects for the new platform's gaming potential. There's only one problem - the developer of Angry Birds hasn't confirmed thatthe game will becoming to Windows Phone 7.

Above: Pocket Gamernabbed this screenshot from the official Windows Phone 7 teaser site

The above image looks like an innocent promo for Microsoft's upcoming mobile operating system. But see that little red bird next to the icon for Tap Tap Revenge? That's the logo for Angry Birds and it seems Microsoft used that icon without proper permission.

The game's developer Rovio had this to say in a Twitter post: "We have NOT committed to doing a Windows Phone 7 version [of Angry Birds]. Microsoft put the Angry Birds icon on their site without our permission."

Microsoft has since removed the image and now makes no reference to Angry Birds at all.

Angry Birds is an intoxicatingly simple puzzle game in which players fling colorful birds to reek all kinds of havoc

It's unlikely Microsoft would just randomly post a picture of a game that had absolutely no ties to Windows Phone 7 (although stranger things have happened). So the more probable story is that Rovio is *planning* on putting Angry Birds on the new mobile platform, but hasn't 100% confirmed it yet.

In addition to being available in Apple's App Store, Angry Birds has come out on the Android Market, as well as Nokia's Symbian platform.

Windows Phone 7 will officially launch next month, and Microsoft wants gaming to be at the forefront of the new system. It will be able to connect to Xbox Live servers, letting gamers earn mobile game achivements, chat with XBL friends, and manage their accounts.

The mobile platform requires all of its handsets to meet strict requirements, including strong processing power and a 5-megapixel camera. So it stands a chance at becoming, essentially, the portable Xbox system.

Source: Pocket Gamer

Oct 13, 2010

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