New Walking Dead trailer suggests we’re finally getting a big Negan episode next week

The Walking Dead season 10
(Image credit: AMC)

It’s been a long time coming, but The Walking Dead season 10 will finally see Negan break free of the confines of Alexandria and go out into the wild. The trailer for episode 5 “What It Always Is” also hints at one member of Hilltop meeting a grisly end at the hands of the Whisperers. Gulp.

But, first, the man of the moment: Negan. It’s been a shame to see an actor as instantly charismatic (and smarmy in his role as ex-leader of the Saviors), only having four walls and, occasionally, another actor to bounce off in his Alexandrian prison. But with the events of The Walking Dead season 10, episode 4 showing that an unnamed person let him loose, the show’s biggest wildcard is finally free.

Interestingly, the trailer shows that he isn’t heading towards any other communities for some Lucille-shaped revenge. Instead, he befriends someone who has been tracking him, and seemingly taking him on as a protégé of sorts. Negan’s already killed one person recently; this new guy just screams late-episode casualty, especially as he makes it abundantly clear he’s followed Negan for quite some time.

Speaking of casualties, Kelly, the sister of Connie, has also gone missing. The Walking Dead season 10 premiere made sure to let us all know that Kelly’s hearing is on the wane. With the Whisperers – and what looks like Thora Burch’s Gamma – still prowling the woods, time could be up for one of Alexandria’s most notable newcomers.

Watch the Walking Dead season 10, episode 5 trailer above – the episode airs Sunday, November 3 on AMC in the US and Monday, November 4 on FOX in the UK.

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