The Walking Dead's most awkward family take things one step at a time in this season 10 premiere clip

The Walking Dead season 10
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The first clip from The Walking Dead season 10 premiere is now available to watch online. Featuring Alexandria’s most awkward family unit – new parents Rosita and Siddiq, Gabriel, and the ever-enthusiastic Eugene – coming to terms with baby Coco, the scene is a welcome reprieve from season 9’s cold, harrowing end.

The short clip, released by AMC, also shows how Eugene (Josh McDermitt) and Siddiq’s (Avi Nash) scene went from table read to finished product, which is a creative process you rarely get to see, so it’s well worth a watch. In it, the pair (well, mostly Eugene) talk over Coco’s feeding schedule, with Siddiq taking all of the advice reluctantly on board.

Rosita also chimes in, explaining to Eugene: “She’s a baby, not a science experiment. You can’t boil people down to charts and graphs.” Siddiq, though, takes all of the advice reluctantly on board.

As a refresher: Rosita and Siddiq had a brief fling, Rosita fell pregnant, the two split up, and now Gabriel and Rosita are knocking boots and dog collars. Eugene is also there. For some reason. Still, it’s nice to see some levity on the back of that pike scene last season, plus the looming threat of the Whisperers nearing ever closer, as evidenced by The Walking Dead season 10 Comic-Con trailer.

There’s even better news for Walking Dead fans in the US. You’ll be able to watch season 10 a week earlier than the scheduled October 6 premiere date if you sign up to AMC Premiere, which costs $4.99 a month. 

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