The Walking Dead's Negan gets ready to fire in new season 7 image

Fans of The Walking Dead will know that Negan's signature weapon of choice is a barbed wire bat which he has affectionately named Lucille. That doesn't mean he isn't handy with other weapons though, and a new season 7 image (via Coming Soon) has Jeffrey Dean Morgan's villain wielding a firearm with a grin. 

Check it out below...

Prior to Negan's arrival in The Walking Dead's TV universe, the biggest villain Rick and co have had to go up against was The Governor (played by David Morrissey). Morgan was recently asked by Entertainment Weekly who'd win in a battle between the two villains, and his answer was pretty definitive:

"It’s not even close. I mean, I love David Morrissey, but he wouldn’t stand a chance. Wouldn’t stand a chance. I’d put Negan up against anybody. He’s super smart and there’s no filter, no fear. The Governor was a little bit wack. Negan’s got it together. It wouldn’t even be close. And I’m sorry, ‘cause I really love David. He’s awesome. I worked with him for a year and there’s just not a better guy. But Negan versus the Governor wouldn’t be close". We'll find out if Morgan is right when The Walking Dead returns in October. 

The Walking Dead returns to AMC with its season 7 premiere on October 23, 2016.

Images: AMC

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