The voice of Halo multiplayer takes a crack at Destiny 2 Crucible dialogue

Jeff Steitzer, the voice of Halo multiplayer's iconic killstreaks and medals, recently took a crack at some of the lines for Destiny 2's Crucible thanks to the request of one fan, and the results are stunning.

Reddit user Baaguuette (opens in new tab) reached out to Steitzer through the Cameo (opens in new tab) app, which lets you request personalized messages from celebrities, athletes, voice actors, and so on for a (variably) small fee. Thankfully, they uploaded Steitzer's short video on YouTube, where we can replay it as many times as we like to ponder what would make for an epic collaboration.

Where Steitzer's voice work on the Halo games focused on straight-up medals like Double Kill, here he takes a crack at the longer dialogue for in-game Crucible lead and announcer Shaxx, a man who loves PVP so much that if you land so much as a double kill, his heart rate will hit 200 and his voice will hit 100 decibels. 

Sadly, Steitzer doesn't tackle Shaxx's long-winded soliloquy about tearing out a Vexx heart with his teeth, but we do get some punchy renditions of classic lines like: "I could feel that in my bones", "Throw more grenades", "Deeeelightful", and "You eat monsters for breakfast." Oh, and who could forget "You continue to be my greatest success, Guardian." 

Steitzer's take on these lines will immediately take you back to the golden days of your favorite Halo multiplayer, and I could easily picture his voice playing in Destiny 2 today. One commenter proposed an Easter egg that would give Destiny 2's Crucible audio an extremely low chance of playing Steitzer instead of Shaxx for a cheeky Easter egg, which would be fun to see (not that we will see it). 

"I'm kind of delighted to find out you're a big fan of Destiny," Steitzer says, addressing Baaguuette at the start of the video. "As I'm sure you know, a lot of the folks who worked on Halo ended up going with Bungie to make that game, and their success has been very well-deserved." 

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