The Turtle Beach Recon Xbox controller just returned to its lowest price ever

Turtle Beach Recon Xbox controller
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The Turtle Beach Recon Xbox controller is down to a record low price at Amazon today, returning to a $44.95 cost for the second time in its life. Usually $59.95, you’re saving $15 on the wired gamepad, a discount that first appeared back in July. This is a timely offer - the new Turtle Beach React-R controller only just hit the shelves, undercutting the Recon’s MSRP by $20 with a $39.99 launch price. The new gamepad does drop the Pro-Aim features and EQ settings of the Recon, however, making today’s offer particularly compelling at just $5 more. 

Despite its design as an Xbox Series X controller, the Recon has long been one of the best PC controllers on the market. With its already commendable price tag, we’ve only ever seen discounts dropping to $49.99 with any regularity, though those offers have clustered in the last few weeks. With a new release on the shelves, now is a particularly good time to take the leap.  

In our testing, we praised the Turtle Beach Recon Controller for its excellent grips - especially along the shoulder buttons - and its solid supply of customization features. You’re also picking up a Superhuman Hearing mode - a toggle to amplify the sounds of footsteps and reloads around you during more intense competitive situations. However, it was the ability to switch between different EQ presets that really shined in our experience. 

You’ll find more information on this offer just below, and plenty more cheap Xbox controllers further down the page. 


Turtle Beach Recon Controller | <a href="" data-link-merchant="Amazon US"">$59.95 $44.95 at Amazon
Save $15 - The Turtle Beach Recon Controller is back down to its lowest ever price at Amazon right now, shaving $15 off the $59.95 MSRP for an excellent $44.95 final cost. We’ve only ever seen this price once before, which the wired Xbox and PC controller hit in July. That’s just $5 more than the new budget-focused React-R which drops some of the fancier features included here.  

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