The Top 7... Most satisfying one-hit boss kills

Pulling a knife from your chest and throwing it into someone's eye? Pfffft. Seeing Captain Price slide the gun over to you as Zakhaev's attention is diverted by the exploding helicopter behind him is way better. It's one of those macho moments that should always be accompanied by a grim face and a nod. With the camera firmly set behind Soap's own brow, you can't see said grim look or nod, but that didn't stop millions of gamers from doing it for real before swinging the barrel towards Zakhaev. "You killed Gaz... YOU BASTARD!"

Seeit happen:

No bazooka (unless youuse a cheat), noirony - just bullets exacting sweet revenge on your sworn enemy. That said, it does work better in ragtime:

...which makes this our winner. Hooray! But wait... maybe you disagree. Reckon that knife throw was better? Or do you have a totally different one-hit kill that you think is better than all of these?If so - let us know in the comments.

01 Nov, 2010

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