The Sopranos mob up PS2 and 360

Friday 5 May 2006
THQ has confirmed that a game based on the brilliantly dark and convoluted Channel 4 series The Sopranos is already in development for PS2 and Xbox 360.

Due to be released at the end of the year, the TV show spin-off will also feature the faces and voices of numerous members of the cast, including James Gandolfini, the bear-like behemoth who plays suburban mob-father Tony Soprano.

The story weaves its way between the first six series of the show by placing you in the concrete shoes of the illegitimate son of rat 'Big Pussy' Bonpensiero. And being keen to prove your loyalty to the Soprano crew you'll need to make collections, crack heads and gain admiration from your capos including Paulie Walnuts, Silvio, Chris and T himself.

Oh, and all of this will unfold in the show's staple locations of the Bada Bing!, Vesuvio's and Satriale's, except that all around you will be a turf war between the Philadelphia and New Jersey families.

Above: Paulie, Sil, Tony and Christopher rendered almost exactly as they appear in the show

And while THQ promises that "the game will evoke the atmosphere, action and conflicts that are the cornerstone of the hit show," fans will be relieved to know that David Chase, the program's creator, has taken a hand in creating the storyline.

So far any extra details are as sketchy as Uncle Junior's memory, but we can't wait to see if THQ manages to squeeze in a mother-smothering minigame before we get our first glimpse of the game, probably at E3 next week.