The Simpsons movie gets a full trailer

According to the latest trailer for the Simpsons film, it’s the movie event of the year, one that was 18 years in the making. Of course, it’s arriving with a heavy load of expectation, and that long TV history that can either help – given the brain trust of Simpsons writing talent gathered to pen the script – or hurt, in that the show has exhausted just about every joke and scrape that the creators can put the characters through.

Still, even though it relies on a well-used idea (hijacking the usual deep-intoned trailer clichés and subverting them with what’s on-screen), there are some definite chuckles in the footage, and one major revelation, including Ned Flanders pointing out the four states that border Springfield, one of the show’s biggest trivia questions. We won’t give them away here, but suffice to say it won’t exactly help the debate!

And there are plenty of little references (“release the hounds!”) to have fans smiling. But can the movie itself live up to the build-up? Doubtful, but we’re definitely now willing to wait and see…

Check out the trailer for yourself by clicking here .

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