The Secret of Monkey Island Walkthrough

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Jason_D (Coolthud)

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This guide is copyrighted to its Author, however the game, and it's

Intellectual property is copyrighted to Lucasarts.

This guide is dedicated to Andy, Rhian, Jade and Shania and over 20 years of

Friendship;  I am lucky to have such great friends in my life.



[i]... Characters




[a]--- Prologue

[b]--- Part One: The Three Trials:

[1]... Trial One: Sword Mastery

[2]... Trial Two: Treasure Hunter-y

[3]... Trial Three: Thievery

[cr]--- Finding a Ship and Crew

[cr1]---Crew Member 1: Carla the Sword Master

[cr2]---Crew Member 2: Meathook

[cr3]---Crew Member 3: Otis, the Prisoner

[cr4]---Get a ship:

[c]--- Part Two: The Journey:

[d]--- Part Three: Under Monkey Island:

[e]--- Part Four: Guybrush Kicks Butt:

[v]... Authorized site List

[vi]... Guide Updates

HINT: Use the bracketed numbers and letters as a way to search through

this guide.

Spoiler Notice: This whole walkthrough should be regarded as one big

spoiler. I will not be warning you of upcoming spoilers in this piece,

so if you don’t want to know the story, or how to solve a puzzle in

the game (why on Earth are you even reading this then?) please DO NOT

read any further.

[i]... Characters:


... in order of appearance in this guide...

Guybrush Threepwood

- Mighty Pirate-Wannabee and hero

Meléé Island Lookout

Three Mighty Pirates

- The Scumm Bar pirates who send you on the quest

of the three trials to be help you become a pirate.

Scumm bar Cook

Voodoo Lady

- Located in the voodoo shop of Meléé Island

Fettucini Brothers

- Circus Act

Store Keeper

- Mean-spirited junk seller and loan shark

Street Vendor

- Sells you the Meléé Island Treasure Map

Road Toll Troll

Captain Smirk

- teaches you Insult Sword Fighting

Carla - the Sword Master

Ghost Pirate LeChuck

- Evil pirate bad guy and all round jerk


- LeChuck’s Lieutenant

Fester Shinetop

- Sheriff of Meléé Island

Elaine Marley

- Governor of Meléé Island


- Prisoner in Meléé Island jail


- Parrot phobic Pirate


- Proprietor, Stan's Previously Used Vessels

Herman Toothrot

- Monkey Island's Robinson Crusoe

Monkey Island Cannibals

[ii]... Controls:




--- Move Cursor - Mouse

--- Select/Click - Left mouse button

--- Control options (Verb Menu) - V, or, CTRL

--- Inventory - I, or, ALT

--- Hint Button - H

--- Options - F1

Verb Shortcuts: Open - O | Use - U | Pick-up - P | Push - S | Pull - Y |

Close - C| Look-At - L| Talk To - T | Give - G |

Subtitle Speed +/-



--- Move Cursor - Left Stick

--- Select/Click - A (Green) Button

--- Auto Button - B (Red) Button

--- Hint Button - X (Blue) Button

--- Skip Dialog - Y (Yellow) Button (Hold Down)

--- Inventory - Right trigger, or, right bumper button

--- Control options (Verb Menu) - Left trigger, or, left bumper button

--- Options - Start Button

[iii]...Achievements (Xbox 360 Only):


All the achievements are marked secret in the game, so this list will

contain spoilers so please do not read if you want to avoid having

the game spoiled for you (if so, why are you reading this???)

Determined (10)

Completed the game without using any hints

Escape Artist (10)

Escaped from the monkey island cannibals hut 5 times

Guybrush Kicks Butt (45)

Completed Last Part: Guybrush Kicks Butt. Guybrush stopped LeChuck

from marrying Elaine Marley

Human Cannonball (10)

Finished the entire game in record time. We hope you were wearing a helmet!

Marooned Everyone (10)

Re-marooned Herman Toothrot and marooned Carla, Otis and Meathook on

Monkey Island?

Old School (5)

Experienced the original, classic adventure game, as it was in the early 90s

RecordKeeper (10)

Collected all of the notes and memos sent between Herman Toothrot, LeChuck

and the Cannibals

Sharp Tongue (15)

Guybrush learned all of the insults, and is the wittiest/deadliest pirate

what ever swung a sword

Ten Minutes Later... (10)

Guybrush can hold his breath for 10 minutes, but not any longer than that

The Journey (25)

Complete Part Two: The Journey. Guybrush used a voodoo spell to travel to

Monkey Island?

The Three Trials (25)

Completed Part One: The Three Trials. Guybrush proved himself worthy to

be a pirate

Under Monkey Island (25)

Completed Part Three: Under Monkey Island. Guybrush traveled into the Monkey

Head and got the root

[iv]... Walkthrough:


[a]--- Prologue:


"I'm Guybrush Threepwood and I want to be a mighty pirate", and so starts one of

the greatest PCs games ever made, which has now been remade.

Guybrush finds himself at the Lookout Point - and overlook located on top of the

highest point of Meléé Island. Walk off the bottom of the screen towards town.

Optional: For extra story info talk to the old man at the Lookout Point. He will

tell you to go to the Scumm Bar for info on how to become a pirate.

As you leave lookout point and head to town the game proper starts...

[b]--- Part One: The Three Trials:


Walk along the dock to the east (walking west takes you back to the lookout

point, and if you walk under its archway you access the Meléé Island map) until

you come to the Scumm Bar. Open the door and enter.

The Scumm Bar:


Head into the back of the bar towards the kitchen door area. You'll find the

three important pirates here.

Optional: Talk to the pirates, and they will tell you what you need to do to

become a pirate with them, namely pass the three trials: Thievery, Sword Mastery

and "Treasure Hunter-y".

Walk to the kitchen door. If you open it, the cook will scream at you to leave

the kitchen. Wait for the cook to leave the kitchen and off screen. Walk into

the kitchen. Pick up the meat on the counter, and the cooking pot under the

counter. Walk to the kitchen's back door, We want to pick up that red fish ("A

Red Herring" lol) however, when we walk to it, a seagull swoops down and starts

pecking at it, and Guybrush won’t pick it up whilst the bird is there in case it

attacks him. Walk to the far edge of the dock that the fish and bird are on. The

board will flick up scaring the bird away. Do this a few times so that bird is

as far away as possible, then nip back to the fish and pick it up. Leave the

Scumm Bar, and head west back to the lookout point, walk thru the arch to access

the Meléé Island map. Walk to the "Clearing" by clicking on it.

The Circus:


Welcome to the Fettuccini Brother's circus. The two circus performers are inside

the big top tent, bickering and arguing over who will be the first to try their

new trick - the Human Cannonball trick.

Talk to the brothers to interrupt them. Offer to try the trick. They will ask


if you have a helmet, give them the pot (using the GIVE command, not the USE


You'll be put in the cannon, it'll be fired, Guybrush will fly out of it,

missing the straw bale totally and hitting the main mast. Just as well he had

the pot eh? Oh, but what a shame it fell off his head before the impact. You are

fine though.

The brothers give you 478 pieces of eight as a thank you - and no doubt

compensation for any brain damage that may have been done.  ("I was fired out of

a cannon as a human cannonball, but my boss hadn't given me proper headwear,

that’s when I phoned Claims Direct!")

Return to Meléé island town (marked Village on the map.)

Head East, past the Scumm Bar, and into the town proper. Ignore the guy on the

corner for now, instead open the brown door on the right hand side of the lane

that leads up the clock. This takes you to the Voodoo lady's den.

Voodoo Lady's Den


Pick up the rubber chicken.

Optional: Once you have picked up the rubber chicken you don’t need to do


here and you can leave. However, you may want to talk to the Voodoo Lady for

lots of back-story, funny stories and Monkey Lore. When you leave her den, you

can also talk to the three pirates on the street. They serve no essential

purpose in the game, but again you can get some back-story and hints on what to

do here.

Once you have the rubber chicken, leave the Voodoo lady's den, and walk north

under the clock.

You are now in another area of town. From East to West the important locations

here are: the general store, then there's an alley-way, and then a church, then

the prison. Finally, the far western archway leads you to the Governor's


Go to the store, open the door and enter. Pick up the sword (lower floor, near

the storekeeper), and the shovel (upper floor, left of the safe). Talk to the

Storekeeper (Charming fellow he is... not) Ask about the sword and shovel to pay

for them. You cannot leave without paying, that storekeeper is always watching


Ask him if there is anyone you can test the sword on, and he will tell you about

the sword master. Ask him to ask the sword master if she will help you. The

answer will be no, so instead we need to follow the storekeeper to the sword

master's secret hideout.

As soon as the storekeeper leaves, chase after him. He will lead you out of town

towards the lookout point, and then onto the Meléé Island map. Once on the map

screen you'll see the Storekeeper's icon go to the "Fork". Go there. You'll see

the Storekeeper disappearing off into the forest. Follow him quickly. He'll take

you along various screens of the forest before finally leading you to the secret

hideout of the Sword Master. On the journey you will pass some yellow flowers,

very quickly pick them up, you'll need them later.

After a brief scene of the Storekeeper talking to the Sword Master you will gain

control again. Go west back to the forest and you'll be back on the Meléé Island

map. The Secret Hideout of the Sword Master will now be clickable on the map for

quick access.

Alternatively, if you don't want to follow the storekeeper you can go directly

to the Sword Master by going in the following directions from the "Fork".....

North | You  should see the yellow flowers. Pick them up. | North | East |  East

| West | North | Push the signpost. Cross the bridge, by going east. You've

found the Sword master! As before, the Secret Hideout of the Sword Master will

now be clickable on the map for quick access.

Now we can go and complete the trials proper. The three trials can be completed

in any order, you don't have to exactly follow the order I do them in if you

wish, this is just the quickest way for me personally to do them.

First up....

[1]... Trial One: Sword Mastery


On the Meléé Island map on the far east corner is a house. Go there. On the way

there, you'll be stopped by a troll wanting a Toll. Give him the Red Herring to


Knock on the door of the house and ask for sword training. It will cost you 30

pieces of eight. Captain Smirk (the sword trainer) will ask to see your sword

(oo-er) and you show him (lucky we went to the store and bought one, eh?!)

Capt. Smirk will take you inside his house and teach you the basics of Insult

Sword fighting. Once trained, Guybrush will find himself stood outside the

house, feeling ripped off.

We're not yet good enough to fight the sword master, so go back to the Meléé

Island map. You will see various pirate icons swarming around the map's roads.

Click on any one, and you'll be taken to a scene of Guybrush confronting a

pirate on the road. Say "I'm Guybrush Threepwood, prepare to die!" to start the

Insult Sword Fighting Duel.

The trick to insult sword fighting is returning a wittier insult than your

opponent uses. Initially you have two very useless insults, and you WILL lose a

number of duals before you are good enough to fight the sword master. Make a

note of the insults your opponent uses, then use them against your opponent.

Rinse and repeat. After about ten duals or so you should have enough insults and

their witty replies to be starting to win duals.

Once you have won three duals, pirates will start commenting that you are good

enough to fight the sword master.

At this time you might want to practice some more, to make sure you have all the

answers to all available insults, or you can go to the sword master and

challenge her.

Full list of Sword Fighting Insults/Replies


Note: I may not have the wording 100% accurate here but you'll certainly be able

to tell which insult/replies I'm talking about.

Insult: This is the END for you, you gutter-crawling cur

Reply: And I've got a TIP for you, get the POINT!

Insult: Soon you'll be wearing my sword like a shish kebab!

Reply: First you'd better stop waving it like a feather duster!

Insult: I'll use my hankerchief to wipe up your blood

Reply: You got that job as Janitor after all!

Insult: People usually fall at my feet when they see me coming

Reply: Even BEFORE they've smelt your breath?

Insult: I once owned a dog that was smarter than you

Reply: He must have taught you everything you know

Insult: You make me want to puke

Reply: You make me think someone already did!

Insult: Nobody has drawn blood from me and no one ever will

Reply: You run THAT fast?

Insult: You fight like a dairy farmer!

Reply: How appropriate you fight like a cow!

Insult: I got this scar on my face from my last great battle

Reply: I trust now you've learnt to stop picking your nose

Insult: I've heard you are a contemptible sneak

Reply: Too bad no one has heard of you at all!

Insult: You're no match for my brain you poor fool!

Reply: I've be in real trouble if you ever used them!

Insult: You have the manners of a begger!

Reply: I wanted to make sure you were comfortable with me!

Insult: I wont take your insolence sitting down!

Reply: Your Haemmoroids are playing up again huh?

Insult: There are no words for how disgusting you are

Reply: Yes there are, you just never learnt them!

Insult: I've spoken to apes more polite than you

Reply: Im glad to hear you attended your family reunion

Insult: Have you stopped wearing diapers yet?

Reply: Why? Do you want to borrow one?

Note: One of the Xbox 360 achievements requires you to have learned all the

insults and their replies, so it's worth practicing some more if you are playing

on the 360 until you have the full list and the achievement has dinged.

On the map, click on the Sword Master's secret hideout. Once you are there tell

her that you are Guybrush Threepwood and that you are going to kill her.

The dual begins....

.... but wait, she's using totally different insults to the ones you learnt!

Nooooooooo! This cant be right?!

Well, it is right. In this dual you have to successfully reply to FIVE of the

Sword Masters insults. And yes, her insults may be different, but your replies

are still valid, so you need to work out which of your replies are correct.

For example, her insult of "You are a pain in the behind, sir!" can be

successfully countered with your reply of "Your hemorrhoids are playing up

again, eh?"

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