The salaries of some of the world's biggest movie stars have been revealed

Tom Cruise in Mission Impossible: Fallout
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The eye-watering salaries of some of Hollywood's biggest names have been revealed in a new report – including one that reaches a whopping nine figures.

Variety (opens in new tab) has a breakdown on the pay involved in some of the biggest upcoming box office tentpoles and on streaming. Topping the list is Daniel Craig, who's set to rake in $100m across two Knives Out movies on Netflix. He even got a trip to Greece out of it, the lucky thing.

Unsurprisingly, Dwayne Johnson is also in high demand. He's picking up $50m for his lead role in Amazon's new Christmas movie, Red One. Meanwhile, Will Smith will be getting $40m for King Richard.

Netflix's upcoming black comedy Don't Look Up is starring Leonardo DiCaprio and Jennifer Lawrence. They're set to pick up $30m and $25m respectively according to the report. Tom Cruise is going to land around $13m up front for Top Gun: Maverick, with the potential for add-on bonuses if the film flies at the box office.

We also have a ballpark figure for some recent movies that went to streaming. Denzel Washington picked up $40m for The Little Things, one of the first major releases to go day-and-date on HBO Max. Mark Wahlberg also made $30m for 2020's Spenser Confidential, once again showing that it's the streamers, not just the studios, holding the serious purse strings.

Surprisingly, the superhero game doesn't always translate to top dollar. Chris Hemsworth, arguably the most bankable legacy MCU star is taking home $20m for Thor: Love and Thunder, but Robert Pattinson is only getting $3m for The Batman.

As streamers start to become a bigger deal in the industry, it'll be interesting to see if those figures remain at such a high – and potentially unsustainable – level. If nothing else, it's proof that the concept of box office movie stars still lives on – just in a different guise.

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