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The Russos reveal they had Gamora kill Thanos in a fake Avengers: Infinity War scene

How different would Avengers: Infinity War have been if Thanos was the one to die instead of Gamora halfway through the movie? We may never know, but co-directors Joe and Anthony Russo have seemingly done their best to make us ask “what if?” after revealing that one of the Avengers: Infinity War fake scenes included just that.

Speaking at an Infinity War Q&A in Hollywood (H/T /Film’s Peter Sciretta), the Russos opened up about the fake scenes – which we’ve already heard a fair bit about – that were written to stop spoilers from sneaking out and spoiling the movie for everybody.

So, instead of Gamora being thrown off the cliff in Vormir so Thanos could make the ultimate sacrifice and get his hands (and Gauntlet) on the Soul Stone, the roles were reversed and Gamora was the one to do the deed in front of the Red Skull.

Now, wouldn’t that have been a turn up for the books? Hell, it wouldn’t exactly be unsurprising to see this change in events make its way into Avengers 4 through some timey-wimey nonsense.

This isn’t the first time we’ve ever had a reveal – jokingly or not, though I’d lean towards the Russos telling the truth on this one as it’s after the fact – about what the fake scenes consisted of.

Several members of the crew thought Loki had escaped certain death in another fake scene, which seems to reveal to me that the major story beats and deaths were the main scenes that were ‘faked.’ Maybe one day we’ll get a comprehensive list of every fake scene: Wong returning, Drax asking “How is Gamora?”, and maybe, just maybe, Thor aiming for the hand.

Keep track of all new Marvel movies but, be warned, who knows how many fake scenes might be written for them?

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