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The PS5 launch won't raise your PS Plus subscription fees, according to PlayStation's new Terms of Service

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The price of your PS Plus subscription is staying the same for the PS5 launch, as Sony now has to give you 60 days notice before raising it. 

The news was announced via Sony's latest updates to its Terms of Service (opens in new tab), which now includes "amendments to limit [PlayStation's] right to change the price of subscription fees to specific circumstances and on providing a minimum of 60 days’ notice."

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(Image credit: Sony)

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Previously, Sony was not obliged to give customers any extended forewarning that the price of its subscription services would be raised (although it has on multiple occasions), leaving existing members with less time to cancel their subscription if they could no longer afford the new price. 

This move is thus a far more consumer-friendly one, giving PS Plus and PS Now members at least two months to make a decision on their membership before a price change announcement is implemented. 

It also means that the price of PlayStation Plus won't be going up for the first few weeks of the PS5 launch period, even with Sony's recently announced PS Plus Collection - an added benefit of the service which allows users to download and play a digital library of some of the best PS4 games of the generation. 

We can, of course, expect the price of PS Plus and PS Now to rise at some point in the future, usually in line with inflation, but at least next time you'll have plenty of advance notice.

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