The portable Gun

Friday 28 July 2006
Activision's pocket-sized, Wild West action game, Gun Showdown, is nearing its PSP release this September, so we've uncovered the latest bundle of screenshots to see how it's looking.

The game puts you in the cowboy boots of young gunslinger Colton White who is looking to uncover the reason behind his father's death. The PSP game will have the same gritty action as the console version but will have five more missions that fit seamlessly into the plot-line.

Also included is several minigames that can used for multiplayer fun with the handheld's wireless connectivity. These games include deathmatch and Last Man Standing.

There are also new pick-up-and-play modes which allow gamers some bite-sized action in games such as Shotgun Games, Mission Challenge and good old fashioned Texas Hold 'Em.