The Pokemon Go Plus accessory won't get a release until September

You're going to be taking your phone out of your pocket for another couple of months I'm afraid, Pokemon Go trainers. Nintendo announced this morning via Twitter that the Pokemon Go Plus accessory won't get a release date until September. The little device was originally meant to be out in July and there's been no official explanation for the delay. 

I expect that more time is being given for the servers to stabilise before adding a whole new Poke-catching mechanic into the mix. We've still got the three step issue, which means all Pokemon are shown as three pawprints away instead of an accurate display. Niantic has said that it's addressing the problem, so I'd expect the next two months to just be further quality control for the app. That, and the chance to make the millions of additional devices now needed to meet demand. 

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Pokemon Go Plus uses Bluetooth to connect with your phone and will let you know via vibrations and LED lights when you're passing a Pokestop. By the looks of things though you'll still have to take your phone out of your pocket, because the description on the official site says we'll be swiping and tapping as normal. When it comes to catching Pokemon, however, we don't need to take our phones out, and it's just a case of pressing the button on the Pokemon Go Plus to snare the beastie. This only works if you've previously added the Pokemon to your Pokedex but sounds like it could really save on Pokeballs if you've been having problems keeping the blighters in there. 

If you weren't lucky enough to snare a pre-order on the site when it launched, the Nintendo store currently has an out of stock sign swinging, but I imagine that come September more will become available. Pricing is set at £34.99/$35 so don't try not to be too tempted to shell out more than that on Amazon or Ebay. If you've just started with the game, check out our Pokemon Go tips.  

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