The original Half-Life gets a brilliant ray tracing mod

(Image credit: Valve)

A Half-Life mod that adds ray tracing to Valve's classic game is out right now on PC.

The mod for the original Half-Life on PC only just launched earlier this week on February 22, adding ray-traced graphics to the iconic game. You can see a launch trailer for the new mod just below, giving you a quick look at how the revamped shooter runs with ray-traced capabilities.

With this new mod though, you'll want to make sure your PC is up to par. As per the mod's GitHub (opens in new tab) page, the recommended specs for this Half-Life mod are an Intel Pentium II with 32MB RAM, 6GB HDD,  and a GeForce 4090 RTX. These specs aren't anything to sniff at, that's for damn sure.

However, be warned that AMD GPUs might have some incompatibility issues with the Half-Life mod. There's a 'Known Issues' section on the mod's GitHub page, and it also reveals that although custom maps are supported, they might be a little darker than they're meant to look.

Over on the dedicated PC Gaming subreddit, users are quick to praise the new mod. "Great excuse to replay a classic, thanks!" writes one user, while another adds "Wow! This looks amazing. I LOVE being able to switch between the two renderers like in halo mcc, such a cool detail." 

Once you've installed the new mod, you can switch between the old graphics of Half-Life and the ray-traced mod's output by simply pressing 'X.' That's a nice little touch for those who really want to see just how much the new mod overhauls Valve's game.

Considering Valve has already given its blessing to Half-Life games to launch on Steam, there could be some official praise in store for this mod's creator.

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