The 'Old Man Avengers' and Doctor Doom team up in final Wastelanders audio series

Marvel's Wastelanders
(Image credit: Marvel Comics)

The final chapter of the 'Marvel's Wastelanders' audio drama launched Monday, December 5. The sixth and final installment of the original scripted podcast is produced by a partnership between Marvel Entertainment and SiriusXM and Marve; calls it the first-ever audio crossover event for Marvel’s podcasts.

The production features the voices of Timothy Busfield as Star-Lord, Stephen Lang as Hawkeye, Susan Sarandon as Black Widow, Robert Patrick as Wolverine, and Dylan Baker as Doctor Doom.

Wastelanders is set in the desolate alt-future continuity of Old Man Logan, and features 'old man' versions of Wolverine, Black Widow, Star-Lord, Hawkeye, and Doctor Doom, who team up to stop Valeria Richards, the daughter of the Fantastic Four's Susan and Reed Richards.

In the dystopian 'Old Man' Marvel future, Valeria is the smartest woman on Earth, but also immortal and "lonely beyond reason."

"After surviving a rain of nuclear missiles in Southern California and gaining possession of the reality-warping Cosmic Cube, she was driven to the brink of madness," reads marvel's description of the new series. "Something mysterious is unfolding in this irradiated 'Dead Zone' and it's up to our heroes to find out what, and to stop Valeria from committing an act of ultimate evil."

The weekly 10-episode series is directed by Kimberly Senior, co-written by Nick Bernardone, J. Holtham, and Mark Waid, has original sound design by One Thousand Birds, and original music by Lindsay Jones. The series art is inked by Steve McNiven and colored by Laura Martin.

"Working in the aural sphere challenges us all, artists and listeners, to expand our imaginations. The series is equal parts hilarious and deeply moving, navigating big questions around grief, power, loyalty, and trust," says series director Kimberly Senior. "Directing the final installment and bringing together the astounding talent from previous episodes made for a deeply textured experience with all the webs of relationships and stories we've developed over the series."

"One of the most thrilling aspects of Marvel storytelling — whether as an audience or a creator — is when separate story threads weave together to create something rewarding for fans, that still somehow stands alone," said adds Ellie Pyle, Marvel's digital media executive director. "This series unites talent from across all our Wastelanders podcasts for a truly epic team-up."

Episodes 1 and 2 of Marvel's Wastelanders are available now on the SXM App and Marvel Podcasts Unlimited on Apple Podcasts. Episode 1 is also available on Pandora, Stitcher, and all major podcast platforms in the U.S.

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