The Official The Last of Us Podcast announced, first episode launching June 9

(Image credit: Naughty Dog)

The Official The Last of Us Podcast has been announced by PlayStation, promising to delve into the making of Naughty Dog's seminal 2013 video game, and its upcoming sequel, The Last of Us 2.

Hosted by writer Christian Spicer, the podcast's first episode will debut on June 9, just ten days before the launch of The Last of Us 2, and will apparently offer "an immersive experience that blends dynamic conversations and the cinematic storytelling that changed gaming forever."

The podcast will feature conversations with creative director Neil Druckmann, Troy Baker and Ashley Johnson (who play Joel and Ellie), alongside plenty of "other talents and visionaries who brought the games to life", and is available to listen on Apple Podcasts here

The trailer for the show suggests it'll be looking at the original game first, before eventually moving on to the production of The Last of Us 2, presumably once it's out in the wild and people are less sensitive to spoilers for the upcoming PS4 exclusive. It's unclear how frequently each episode will drop, but hopefully we can expect one new conversation a month at the very least. 

Meanwhile, a special Last of Us 2 State of Play is scheduled to take place later today, and you can expect GamesRadar's official review of the game to land next month, on June 12. You don't want to miss it. 

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