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The Office's Rainn Wilson on how "Dwight would have confused the coronavirus with the zombie apocalypse"

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In these times of hardship, we can all rely on comfort television to keep us company. And there are few shows as easily watchable as The Office. But, as you rewatch the Steve Carell comedy for the umpteenth time, you may be wondering what the cast of characters would be doing today. Rainn Wilson, who played Dwight Schrute through all nine seasons, has an answer. 

Speaking to Entertainment Weekly (opens in new tab), the actor discussed what Schrute would have been up to during quarantine and quizzed about whether he would have watched Netflix's hit documentary series, Tiger King. "Oh yeah," Wilson said. "Probably somewhere in the northwestern Pennsylvania fictional land where Dwight Schrute actually exists, there would be Schrute Zoo, inspired by Tiger King."

Wilson said that Schrute would probably be sticking at Schrute Farm with Angela and their child as the coronavirus spread, while "all the others would be relegated to the barn." And, of course, as the virus spread, Schrute "wouldn't allow them anywhere near [his family]. I think there'd be a lot of guns involved." 

He also offered up the advice that Shrute would off to the world right now: "Dwight's advice would all be about working on your self-defence. Dwight would have confused the coronavirus with the zombie apocalypse."

In recent weeks, the actor began a feel-good show on Instagram, titled Hey Human (opens in new tab), in which he interviews other celebrities, hoping to speak positive words of wisdom about the future. Interviewees include fellow Office alumni Angela Kinsley, which you can watch below.

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