The Office will look different in 2021 thanks to extended "more complete" episodes featuring unreleased footage

(Image credit: NBCU)

We’ve all watched The Office a million times by now, right? Every quote, Jim prank, and mortifying Michael social snafu has been seared into our collective consciousness and will remain there until the heat death of the universe.

But what if we got new snippets of The Office to enjoy for the very first time? Short of commissioning a season 11, that’s what the plan is for new NBC streaming service, Peacock.

January 2021 sees the ever-popular workplace comedy switch from Netflix over to Peacock – and it will potentially incorporate never-before-seen elements into some episodes.

“We will be reintroducing The Office in a more complete way, incorporating elements that were not part of the original broadcast,” Matt Strauss, chairman of Peacock, said (via Bloomberg).

You don’t need to be a Dundies winner to figure out what the “more complete” aspect is hinting at. Back in the days of something called “physical media,” several deleted scenes were included in The Office boxsets. And I mean several. Only a cursory glance at YouTube compilations indicates that there are literal hours of new scenes just waiting for fans to uncover.

When coupled with the fact Netflix occasionally cut scenes – including not presenting the extended cut of Threat Level Midnight, for shame – it’s clear that Peacock aims to market its streaming service as the place to watch the definitive version of The Office.

So, if you thought you had seen all there was to see from The Office then you have next year to look forward to; this could be like watching the show with fresh eyes for the very first time once more.

Bradley Russell

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