The nunchaku's secret

Thursday 27 April 2006
Speculation is mounting that Nintendo has been economic with the details of its Revolution controller and that the nunchaku part contains a sensor that can detect speed of motion and tilt.

It was previously believed that the unit - which will connect to the main controller via a cord - would only feature an analogue stick and two trigger buttons. But rumours are circulating that the unit will also have a built in accelerometer that can sense when the unit is being tilted and the speed at which it is moving. It won't, however, have the pointing sensing technology of the main 'wand' part of the Revolution controller.

Above: It now looks like both parts of the Revolution controller will be motion sensitive

As with all the best speculation, there's been no official confirmation from Nintendo that this is true, but it's not unlike the Japanese gaming giants to be deliberately secretive.

At the time of press Nintendo was unavailable for comment. We'll be sure to keep you informed of any further developments.