The New 2DS XL's first special edition console is shiny, metallic, and all around *chef kiss*

The New 2DS XL was just announced this morning, but Nintendo isn't wasting any time getting to the really good stuff. Launching alongside its black-and-blue and white-and-orange cousins this July - but only in Japan - will be the Dragon Quest XI special edition New 2DS XL, and it is hot to death:

Mmm, that metallic Slime covering a corner of the system in beautiful asymmetrical fashion. So nice. And while there are no announced plans for a release outside of Japan, you could always import (though keep in mind the 3DS line is region-locked). If you do, this bad boy will set you back 22,480 yen (~$200 / ~£155).

For more details on the New 2DS XL, check out the announcement. And if you want some ideas on games to play on these lovely lovelies, read through our list of the best 3DS games.

Sam Prell

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