The most evilest fictional videogames ever

I figured I should end this article with something positive -an episode of the always zany Doug. For the young’uns, Doug was a brilliant cartoon which premiered in 1991 and, like most things, was eventually bought and ruined by Disney. 1991 was a better time for children’s shows. Destiny Hope Cyrus (now known as “Miley”) would have been puking baby foodintoher silver spoon, and all thisdigital talking Chihuahua bullshit was years away. Maybe I’m just being nostalgic.

Doug featuresone of themost accurate portrayals of gaming you'll probably see in the mainstream media – and the “evil mind control” in question is the ability of games to devastate one’s sense of time. Oh Doug, when will you learn? That paper on silt should have come first! Stick around to 8:00 to see Doug visit “Computer Junkie,” a store which I wish really existed.

Oct 17, 2008

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