The most evilest fictional videogames ever

“The Game” is a fairly typical Star Trek: The Next Generation episode in that the crew is infected by something, Data is immune, Data saves the day, and Wesley does some shit too.

The infection in this case is a “game” that Riker receives from some alien prostitute and brings aboard the ship. The game consists of floating discs and Einsteinian wormhole things that the disks go in, but alas, it takes control of its players by activating the pleasure centers of their brains. Of course, our bumbling young cadet, Wesley, is suspicious and resists the new fad. In the end, Data inexplicably breaks the crew of the game’s control by flashing lights at them. For a more detailed plot summary, check this handy series of annotated stills:

Not to be confused with Rockstar’s game of the same name, Bully is a 2001 movie that details the sinister true story of a bunch of stupid-ass kids who decide to kill their antagonistic friend. The movie is full of all the dangerous influences associated with youth violence – dangerous music lyrics, alcohol, drugs, being really sexy and doing sexy stuff, and of course, the most violentest videogames.

Above: I have so much anger and I don't know how to express myself!

I’ll just let this movie speak for all of the other movies that use violence in videogames as a metaphor for the impressionability of teens and the general degradation of youth culture and morality.

I wasgoing to embed a clip from YouTube, but there's somegrody penis action in one of the scenes, and we can't have that, so here's a blurry screen of the in-movie game instead!

Above: Oh no! Violence!

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