The Mandalorian theory suggests this new weapon could play key role in fighting Moff Gideon

The Mandalorian Dark Troopers Moff Gideon
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Warning: this is the way towards major spoilers for The Mandalorian season 2, episode 5 – so stop here if you haven't seen the latest episode! 

Chapter 13 of The Mandalorian saw plenty of huge reveals and teasers – from the live-action debut of Ahsoka Tano to the surprise of Baby Yoda’s real name, Grogu, and a namedrop of the legendary Grand Admiral Thrawn. If you’re still reeling from all that, you might not have realised something very important: Mando is now in possession of a weapon that can effectively block a lightsaber.

We got our first clue that Beskar has some anti-lightsaber properties when Ahsoka took Mando by surprise, and he blocked her twin blades with his armour's gauntlets. But later in the episode, we saw a weapon that could turn out to be extremely useful.

The villain of this episode, the magistrate, had a Beskar spear that she used to duel with Ahsoka. So effective was this spear that it even managed to disarm the former-Jedi of one of her sabers. Ultimately, Ahsoka came out on top – and handed the Beskar weapon over to Mando.

Now, people are pointing out that this could come in handy in a potential future fight against the Darksaber-wielding Moff Gideon. Before this episode, Mando would probably have needed a Jedi to take on the Imperial and the ancient weapon, but with the spear, he’s set for a future battle – assuming the Darksaber is also blocked by Beskar, of course. 

The gunslinger and Grogu are now headed off to the planet Tython in the hopes of contacting other Jedi, which means Gideon could potentially catch up to them while they’re there. In all the excitement, that tracking device planted on the Razor Crest might have slipped your mind – but we know Gideon and his Dark Troopers are on the duo’s trail.

There doesn’t seem a better place for a dramatic duel than the potential location of the first Jedi temple, especially if Baby Yoda does call some allies who could arrive to help out.

We’ll have to wait till next week to find out what the future holds for Mando and Grogu – in the meantime, check out our The Mandalorian season 2 release schedule to make sure you don’t miss Chapter 14 hitting Disney Plus.

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