The Mandalorian fans are loving Bo-Katan in the new episode

The Mandalorian
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The Mandalorian season 3 episode 2 has Bo-Katan Kryze showing off her skills – and fans are loving it. Before we go any further, be warned that the following contains major spoilers for the latest episode! Turn back now if you're not up to date! 

In the new installment, Din Djarin gets himself into serious trouble while exploring Mandalore with Grogu. When a terrifying cyclops-style creature takes him prisoner, Baby Yoda races away to find Bo-Katan and bring her to rescue Mando. 

In the process, Bo-Katan gets to wield the Darksaber once more, taking down the cyclops and saving Din. She also escorts him to the Living Waters underground, where she saves him from being dragged beneath the surface. Down there, she comes face to face with the Mythosaur, a creature of great importance in Mandalorian culture and beliefs.

"#TheMandalorian episode 2 was MUCH better, adding that extra 10 minutes to the runtime gave the episode much more to work with and gave us some great Grogu/Bo-Katan moments!" is one fan's verdict (opens in new tab)

"Can we talk about Bo-Katan just annihilating that spider-droid with the Darksaber for a moment," comments someone else (opens in new tab), and this fan agrees (opens in new tab): "The Darksaber being wielded so flawlessly by Bo-Katan, like she was happy to have her back"

"Bo-Katan Kryze shines like mad and she handles the Darksaber like it was designed for her! DAMN!" enthuses another viewer (opens in new tab)

"Mandalorian S3 picking up steam. I was kinda indifferent towards Bo-Katan in The Clone Wars/Rebels, but I find myself mesmerised by her character in The Mandalorian," says this fan (opens in new tab)

"Bo-Katan is so badass I’m so glad Katee Sackhoff is killing it in live action as well after being great in The Clone Wars," is this person's thoughts (opens in new tab), which others agree with (opens in new tab): "This episode was Katee Sackhoff’s finest performance as Bo-Katan. I'm looking forward to seeing even more development from her this season."

"I'm SO excited to see how the encounter with the Mythosaur will change Bo-Katan's beliefs going forward," is another fan's opinion (opens in new tab). "She constantly teases Din for believing in "fairytales", but now she's just witnessed one with her own eyes. What she thought was nothing more than a myth is in fact real."

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