The Legend of Zelda: Tears of the Kingdom fans aren't pleased this pre-order bonus that's just a piece of wood

The Legend of Zelda: Tears of the Kingdom
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GameStop has unveiled its pre-order bonus for The Legend of Zelda: Tears of the Kingdom, and fans are very underwhelmed. 

Earlier this week, GameStop posted its full listing for Tears of the Kingdom. In the process, the retailer revealed pre-order purchases would land an "exclusive wooden plaque" adorned with a Sheikah-like symbol, and in the Reddit post below, those looking forward to the new game aren't impressed.

"Ah yes, I love my zelda cutting board," one Reddit user responded to the post. "Ok I can’t be the only one somewhat underwhelmed by all of the preorder/special exclusive merch right?" writes another user. "I mean I guess it doesn’t help that we still have no idea what any of the imagery on the stuff actually means lol."

Others around the world are showing off what their local retailers are throwing in as a pre-order bonus for comparison. "Fr? Here in Spain we get this coin," one person writes, showing off an admittedly cool-looking Sheikah-inspired coin. In France, pre-order customers land the coin, stickers, a 48-page extract of Hyrule Historia, and €10 off a future purchase.

That's one stellar pre-order incentive for French customers. You've got to admit, GameStop's offering is a little disappointing, especially when compared to what others are landing, and players are now harping on the North American retailer's bonus as decidedly lacking.

Considering those in North America will be shelling out $70 for Tears of the Kingdom, you'd really want a decent pre-order incentive attached. If you're looking to put down even more though, there's the fancy Collector's Edition, which retails for a whopping $130 and boasts the game, a steelbook case, a poster, an artbook, and a set of pins.

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