The Last of Us TV show could eventually explore The Seraphites from The Last of Us 2

The Last of Us Lev and Yara
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The showrunner of HBO's The Last of Us TV show has talked about the possibility of expanding the show's universe and mentioned a character from The Last of Us Part 2. 

In an interview with Fuera de Foco (via @NaughtyDogInfo), Craig Mazin - the showrunner of The Last of Us TV show - discussed potential avenues the writers of the show could go down to expand the series' universe. "I know people are really interested in what happened before Joel met Ellie," the showrunner explains, "we have some exploration of that, in the years between when the pandemic started and the timeline of the game, but not necessarily with Joel." 

The showrunner then goes on to discuss what areas he would personally like to explore more of: "There's so many interesting side stories we could tell," Mazin says, "there are characters that are only referred to, for instance, in the second game. One character in particular, you only see her face - images of her face, but I would love to find out what happened with her, that's an interesting story." 

It's thought that Mazin is actually referring to the Seraphite Prophet, whose face can be spotted in murals dotted around the post-apocalyptic version of Seattle that Ellie, and later Abby, explore in The Last of Us 2

For those uninitiated, 'The Prophet', as she is referred to in the game, supposedly had a vision of the Cordyceps virus early on in the outbreak, so goes on to gain a following known as The Seraphites, who stringently follow her teachings well after her death. 

The Seraphites play a big role in The Last of Us Part 2 but most of what we know about the group has been told via various collectibles and NPCs in the game. This would make it the perfect side story to explore more of in the HBO series. Rest assured, whatever direction the series ends up going in, Mazin has said: "It'll be a love letter to the fans and to the story."

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